Perhaps not quite the bees-knees after all?

Up until exactly 17 minutes ago, maybe 18, I thought that I was the bees-knees at this blogging lark.
“Look at me,” I hollered from my lofty vantage point on more than one occasion. “I have 33 followers, 2 from Somalia. Am I not the big cheese?”
Apparently not, for it has recently come to my attention, 19 minutes ago to be precise, that a girl in Oregon – very pretty, I must admit – had 178 people following her as she opened a box! Opened a box!!!
God, I’m rubbish!
Mind you, in my defence, she is very pretty so I’d probably watch her open a box as well. Hey ho!



  1. Very funny! I feel your pain. I have struggled for each and every one of my followers, and yet I’ve seen other people on here sneeze and pick up 700 likes and 300 new followers. I wish I knew their secret!

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for your kind words and good luck. I am off to practice opening up boxes of all different shapes and sizes and to perfect my expression whilst sneezing… How hard can it be?

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